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Aromatherapy Range

Aromatherapy Range

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We have combined the stress-busting power of aromatherapy with luxurious hand-poured soy wax jars to create an candle that smells as good as it looks. Lit gently at home or the office, each candle helps you find your inner calm by quietly filling any room with relaxing scents to smoothly transition from your day into a peaceful night.

"Stress Less" is a a warming woody scent with notes of bergamot and cedarwood, an earthy base of sandalwood and patchouli, and hints of vanilla and white musk. The Stress Less candle  comes topped with Rose quartz stones which are associated to everything dealing with the heart + helps with feelings of love and when your stressed.

"Relax" combines calming lavender & ylang ylang with a hint of citrus and vanilla. The Relax candle comes topped with amethyst stones, which are  known to help with sleep and dreams and relieve from stress and anxiety.

"Unwind" contains green cucumber, soothing sage, lavender, white lilies, chamomile violet and musk with accents of cedar and rose. Smelling like a relaxing day trip to the spa. The Unwind candle comes topped with amazonite crystals, which helps to gently soothe the nerves, calm the energy & bring harmony and communication

You can remove the crystals before burning, or use a pair of tweezers once the wax has melted  and cooled slightly but not set.

Reed Diffusers: black bottle or clear with dried botanicals 140ml - lasts up to 6 months
Candles: 285g - 48 hour burn time
Clamshell wax melts: Topped with crystals- burn time- approximately 10 hours per square / 60 hours per pack



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Stress Less - Botanical Reed Diffuser

10/10 would recommend for your bedroom, study or living room. The stress less scent is so relaxing, calming and just smells divine. I honestly think it has helped me get to sleep quicker each night but also just fills up the room and lasts for months!! I think it’s almost been a year since I bought mine and it’s only just at its end (even after turning the reef sticks once a fortnight). The best value for money!

Stress less

Absolutely love the stress less range! The scent fills my home and guests always compliment the scent. They also have a lux feel with the black and gold vibes


These don’t only smell good but look gorgeous making it an easy home decor piece to add to any room 😍

Cassie Miller

We have the relax diffuser in our bedroom (which is mainly black decor) so the bottle suits perfectly but as soon as I walk into my room to wind down, I instantly feel relaxed with the smell! By far my fav scented candles / diffusers are from LGC 🫶

Just amazing!!

I absolutely love the aromatherapy range! The candles smell so beautiful (in both fragrances) and look stunning too! Stress Less is my favourite candle to light after a hard day, or just as part of my “wind down” routine.