About Us

Hi! I'm Rebecca and I am the owner of Little Glow Candle Co.

Little Glow Candle Co. is a small business located in the Adelaide Hills that began in early 2018. Little Glow Candle Co. create affordable, hand poured soy wax candles in a range of beautiful fragrances as well as a other home fragrance products such as reed diffusers, room sprays and wax melts.

What started out with hundreds of YouTube tutorials, "it can't be that hard" and a lot of trial and error, this hobby has turned into a small business selling amazing scented candles and products. We are still experimenting with new products, new fragrances and continuing to learn but we are grateful for the support from all our new and existing customers and cannot wait to watch Little Glow Candle Co. grow.

Please be aware that as each candle is hand poured, there may be some differences or imperfections due to the nature of the soy wax. However, we believe this adds to the uniqueness of your product and will not impact the burning of your candle. If you are worried about a faulty product, please contact us using via email or our social media pages.

We hope you love your Little Glow products and we appreciate you supporting our small business dreams xx